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Employment Service

Who Can Participate?

  • SFDDA members
  • Dentists
  • A dental student - up to 6 months after the date of graduation
  • A dental resident - up to 6 months after the date of completion of the residency
  • Registered Dental Hygienists who hold an active license in good standing with the Florida  Board of Dentistry
  • Dental Assistants and/or graduate of a dental assisting program

How Do I Register?

  • Register online by clicking Register on the previous page

How Long Will My Name Appear In The Registry?

Listings will be posted for a three-month period. At the expiration of that period, you will receive an email requiring a response from you. At that time, you may either cancel your participation or renew your listing for another three months. If the SFDDA does not receive a reply email by the end of the month of expiration, your listing will be terminated.

What is the Confidentiality Option?

If you would like the fact that you are seeking a practice opportunity or hiring staff to remain confidential, you may select the appropriate confidentiality option when you register with the program. Your listing will not be visible on the Exchange but you will have full access to the registry.

If you do not choose a confidentiality option when you register with the program, your name and information will be published on the website and made available to every program participant.