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Miami Dade Affiliate Meeting

Monday, Nov 11, 2019

Miami Dade Dental Society Meeting

Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at 6:30pm

Casa Juancho:   2436 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL 33135

Please RSVP to: (305) 667-3647   Seating is limited.  

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Speakers:  Samuel Klein & Alysa Ege

Topic: “The System That Generated 63 New Patients in One Month”   

Course Description: This presentation will show you how to get new patients in your office without spending a ton of money on marketing that doesn’t work. We’ll take you through the steps we took, which enabled us to get 63 new implant patients for one dental office, with just $1,500 spent on ads… Then, we’ll show you how you can implement the same strategy in your office.   We’ll also talk about how to target your ideal patient by using the power of social media, how to funnel new leads in through your practice and not rely on word of mouth to grow your business, how to reduce no-shows, and how to turn leads into happy patients.  

Course Type:  Lecture   Intended Audience: General Dentists, Business Staff, Practice Owners  

Learning Objectives:  At the completion of the course the participants will be able to:  

1.     Understand what a funnel is in the marketing world 

2.     Learn how to use Facebook ads to generate new patients

3.     Learn what kind of Facebook ads work and what kind of FB ads do not work

4.     Learn how to track results and return on investment from advertising

5.     Discover tactics to reduce no-shows

6.     Learn what kind of follow-up needs to be implemented within the office in order to increase conversion rate on new patients

Samuel Klein is the CEO of Motion Ave., he runs a team of 10 talented marketers. Established in 2015 in NYC, Motion Ave. has delivered over 100 successful projects, helped over 40 business owners grow their businesses, with returns of investments in Facebook ads of over 25X, generated more than 46,000 qualified leads, managed over $1 MM in Facebook advertising. Samuel's goal is to empower businesses to succeed online, by arming them with the right tools. 

Alyssa Ege is the President and Lead Strategist at Sail Away Media, a social media marketing firm that helps dental practices grow with custom lead-generation systems. She guides the team in crafting successful strategies that have delivered up to 42X returns on their investment. She founded Sail Away Media when she left a growing career as an eCommerce Manager for a billion-dollar company. She felt passionate about helping small businesses get real results from their digital marketing efforts. If you ever catch her away from her laptop, she’s spending time with her husband, practicing yoga, or hanging out with her puppy.